Training and advisory for individuals and teams.

Rival Academy is a one-day, in-person, small group workshop designed to teach the principles, models, and practices of building successful challenger brands and teams.

Attendees will walk away with an understanding and action plan to...

Find and own a point of difference for their brand

Build communications plans to reach and influence their target audience

Develop distribution plans for owned, paid, and earned media channels

Build an analytics and martech system to understand the effectiveness of their marketing activity

Design a team structure, ways of working, and culture to attract and retain top talent

Our curriculum is delivered in three parts, covering our Brand OS, GTM Engine, and Talent Ecosystem frameworks. Each course includes a lecture and case study led by our three co-founders with guest appearances from leading CMOs and entrepreneurs sharing their perspective and advice.

Each attendee will also have access to follow-up advisory support to help guide the implementation of the models and learnings from the workshop.

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What other marketers think about Rival Academy

Fantastic Day, jam-packed full of content and actionable insights covering the full spectrum of what I wanted to get out of today. We’ve got stuff that I can go into the office tomorrow and start talking about and also things to think about over the next 2 or 3 years. I’d recommend it to all levels of marketers who are interested in taking the next step.

Chris Goodreds
Head of Marketing at FINBOURNE Technology

A deep dive on what real challenger brands are doing. So many practical insights on how other businesses are activating along with frameworks that we can bring away to your own business. Super interesting. We had the best of the best giving us a view on strategy and how we should think about it and then how we can actually activate that, and what team we need. Super , super effective.

Will Hackett
Head of Fintech Practice at Pangea

Thank you so much for a brilliant session – I genuinely felt so energised by it. I’ve felt a bit static the past few months and honestly had a bit of marketing fatigue, but Academy was the right amount of theory and actionable activity that I know is going to be incredibly helpful for us. It helped me see a way through, and specifically a new way.

Danielle Wootton
Head Of Communications at Breaking Barriers

I’ve already started implementing some of the learnings from the Academy Day. Less than a week later, we’ve stress-tested our brand against Rival’s Brand Os framework and I’ve ‘scratch planned’ what the future needs are from a talent perspective. A great day, lots of great insight, and fantastic to meet like-minded people. Will definitely be back.

Ella-Sian Jolley
Director of Marketing and Strategic Growth at Source

Strongly recommend Rival Academy— they are a cut above. Their deep domain expertise and intellect shines!

Ruth Foxe-Blader
Partner at Anthemis
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