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Market intelligence to drive challenger growth.

Curo is a technology platform that analyzes search behaviour in a category to inform risks and opportunities for brands within it.

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Understand how your category is changing to position yourself for growth within it.

Search is a proven leading indicator of category change and market share.

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Share of search represents 83% of a brand’s market share on average across categories and markets.

Curo offers a more holistic and actionable understanding of category search activity

Other search tools

Focused on a single brand or set of keywords, not category

Limited reporting and data access

Mostly SaaS only, no actionable strategic support

Social listening and trends are not tied to intent and market share


Expensive, long-term contracts sold by seat

General data and intelligence vs business-specific

Not looking at share of search specifically

Support for understanding research, not strategic changes

Rival Curo

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Analyzes search activity for an entire category to show a full picture of how a category is changing

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Measures full category search volume to predict market share growth or decline and which brands are out-pacing the category

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Full access to data and unlimited reporting

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Monitoring and regular strategic recommendations for optimisations of brand positioning and GTM comms

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Flexible pricing and contracts for entire teams

Curo helps you to play offence and defence against category changes to gain market share

Brand health & monitoring

Understand in real time how a brand is performing against competition in terms of growth and overall share.


Brand planning & positioning

Get a real-time status report of any market to identify changing demand and how to position effectively against them.


Content strategy & risk planning

Analyse associated brand terms, general themes, and trending topics to steer into conversations you want to own (or away from those you want to avoid).


See Rival Curo in action

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