Introducing Enodo: Your All-In-One Solution for Efficient Paid Media Management

With Enodo, you can effortlessly track and analyze your campaigns across multiple platforms from a single, intuitive dashboard. Whether you're managing social media ads or PPC campaigns, Enodo is a powerful tool that empowers you to maximize your ROI and improve your account hygiene.

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Enodo helps you make the most of the paid media platform AI

- Integrated with Google and Meta AI campaigns (Performance Max and Advantage +)
- A completely transparent tool you can see the improvement of your accounts over time
- Improve the maturity of your accounts with a few clicks


With Enodo, our clients saw up to a 300% increase in performance within a few months of using the tool.

Enodo improves and supplements the information available in platforms, providing clarity in a black box environment.

Easy to implement Enodo plug into the API of your accounts to provide you the information in real-time.


Cost-effective and constantly updated Enodo is a great way to track performance improvement and the quality of the work done in both Google and Meta.


Flexible pricing and contracts for entire teams


See Rival Enodo in action

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