1Bn Views and Counting: WorldChaseTag’s Marketing Playbook for Disrupting the Sports World

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In this episode, Johny McMahon, the GM & Chief Content Officer of World Chase Tag joins us to discuss how content has been a key pillar in the explosive growth of World Chase Tag. Over the course of 11 years, World Chase Tag has grown to a remarkable level. 🌍📈The stakes of the sport are extremely high, with viewership over 1 Billion in 34 countries with 3.6M followers. 📺🌎 For those of you who don't know what World Chase Tag (WCT) is, it's the same 'Tag' you played as a kid, but on a whole new level, blended with elements of parkour and freerunning. In WCT, stuntmen, parkour experts, ninja runners, and athletes from all walks of life compete with each other in an extremely fast-paced format. 🏃‍♂️💨

How did they get here? 🤔

In the world of sports, having great content is key to drawing viewers and fans, and World Chase Tag (WCT) has mastered this art. They create high-energy, fast-paced exciting content, with a presence spanning across multiple platforms. Their standout content on TikTok and YouTube features thrilling 20-second chases between athletes. 📹These short, bite-sized snippets are perfect for sharing, enabling WCT to reach new audiences through their socials. They smartly use dramatic moments like player injuries as eye-catching thumbnails and hooks for their videos, which has contributed to them achieving over a billion organic views online. 👀📈

Aside from an impeccable content strategy, Johnny walks us through the key pillars that have contributed to WCT's growth, such as licensing, athlete engagement, and the organization's global marketing approach. He believes that in sports, you can market to everyone everywhere, and having a target audience is only going to limit you. 🌐🎯

He finally shares insights into the future plans for WCT, including live events, sports betting, and a deeper focus on athletes' personal branding, drawing parallels with strategies used in other successful sports leagues. This was a fascinating episode, and what's more fascinating is some of WCT's content that we watched in preparation for this episode. We've attached the links below the chapters (watch these clips at your own risk, because you will definitely be hooked on their channel once you do). 🎥🔗

Listen to this episode on your favorite platform 🎧: https://link.chtbl.com/scratch

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