Calendly’s CMO - Marketing a $3 Billion SAAS Product Like a Pro

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🎙️In this episode of Scratch, the CMO of Calendly, Jessica Gilmartin joins us to discuss the evolution of their brand and their approach to building total customer-centricity.🌟📊 We’ve all used Calendly at some point in our work lives. For the uninitiated, Calendly is known worldwide for revolutionising the way we schedule meetings. It is more than just a tool—it's a comprehensive solution shaping the future of business interactions. In our discussion, Jessica tells us how Calendly continues to stand out in a competitive market. 🗓️💡 She shares her favourite marketing mantra: “Understanding your competitors is crucial, but it's the obsession with customer needs and experiences that truly drives business growth”.

She discusses the significance of integrating customer insights into every aspect of business operations, from product development to the messaging in marketing strategies. Understanding market dynamics and a strong partnership with the leadership team forms the core of Jesicca’s marketing approach. The discussion between Eric and Jessica also talks about how Calendly harnesses creativity within its marketing team, continually reinventing its approaches to maintain a strong connection with its customers. 🧑🤝🧑❤️🔍 Jessica also walks us through building Calendly's distinct market positioning, revealing how iterative testing and feedback (which are especially crucial in long B2B sales cycles) are key to refining their marketing strategies. 🤖🆕🚀 If you’re in product/tech marketing, you’ll surely enjoy this episode.

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Scratch is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that develops strategies and capabilities that help businesses grow faster. Scratch is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, and he’s joined by Jessica Gilmartin of Calendly in this episode

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