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Ep. 17 – How to Make Martech Work for Your Team with Scott Brinker of HubSpot

Scott Brinker, known as the “godfather of martech” and currently VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, talks to Eric about everything marketing technology from how to stay on top of it all to how best to implement changes in your organization.

Scott explains that the No Code movement represents a fundamental shift towards empowerment of business users and marketers. It’s not just about letting people build software applications without having to code them, it’s about allowing the average person to self-service their ideas without having to necessarily rely on an expert.

And while culture change and adoption of new technologies and workflows are necessary, it is inevitably a huge investment. Scott’s tips for success include:

  1. Make sure you’re allocating the space in people’s responsibilities to learn new tools, technologies and approaches
  2. Once you have the tools and people know how to use them, you have to make sure from a process re-engineering perspective, you actually look at how people will use these new tools and determine where the constraints are and work to see how to overcome those constraints working collaboratively with the new technology and getting things done.

While Scott admits the world of marketing technology is too large to stay on top of at this point, he also lets us know how he does his best.

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