Ep. 19 – How to Apply Jobs to be Done to Brand Building with Bob Moesta

Bob Moesta talks about how he overcame a disability to be a hugely successful businessman, marketer and educator. Bob is one of the authors of the Jobs-to-be-Done theory, which posits that consumers hire products or services to do jobs in their lives. According to Jobs-to-be-Done, companies need to better understand how their products and services fit into people’s lives.

Bob talks about how to apply the theory to brand-building and reminds marketers that they need to be in lockstep with those creating the product. Bob insists that marketers tend to over-emphasize the who and ignore the when, where and why of consumption.

Bob and Eric could have easily filled three podcasts – so if you want to hear more, send us your questions for Bob at media@wearerival.com and we’ll have a special Q&A episode of Scratch with Bob.

To hear more from Bob, check out his most recent book, Demand-Side Sales, look out for his upcoming Learning to Build, and check out his new podcast The Circuit Breaker. You can reach out to Bob on LinkedIn.

If you prefer to watch this episode, visit (and subscribe!) to Rival’s YouTube channel.

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