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Ep. 32 – Understanding the new Landscape for Digital Performance Marketing, How Challengers are Embracing Racial Equality, Digging into a ‘Cookie-less’ World

💸 Who’s having issues with digital performance marketing? Yea, you’re not the only one…Anecdotally, we’ve been hearing from Rival friends and clients who spend on Facebook that iOS 14’s privacy changes continue to hinder performance – even for those with Facebook’s Conversions API implemented. This is particularly problematic for smaller businesses, who may have lower spends and fewer conversions or tracked events to inform optimization algorithms. As Google, Facebook and even retail media partners like Amazon increasingly lean into ad buying models and distribution algorithms that favor larger advertisers – and their larger data sets – the era of democratized access to customers in digital may be coming to an end. We’ve admired Dr. Grace Kite and her work at Magic Numbers for a while, and here she provides a great deep dive into a lot of the compounding factors that are driving marketplace consolidation as algorithms mediate more and more consumer interactions.

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