Fuelling the Future: Unleashing the New Age of NASCAR Fandom

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NASCAR, a titan in the sports industry, is known for its rich history and thrilling races. Peter shares insights into how NASCAR continues to innovate and remain relevant in a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape. 🚗💨🎙️In this episode of Scratch, the CMO of NASCAR, Peter Jung joins us to dive deep into the world of sports marketing, brand evolution, and the key initiatives propelling NASCAR into the future. 🏁🌟

He discusses the importance of category disruption, the impact of viral marketing campaigns, and the strategic focus on diversity and inclusion to broaden NASCAR's fan base. He highlights the role of digital platforms and content creation in engaging new audiences, including a partnership with Netflix for the upcoming show "Full Speed," aimed at giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the sport. He also touches on the challenges and opportunities in sports marketing, the evolution of NASCAR's strategies, and the significance of building a strong community around the sport. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑❤

Watch the video version of this podcast on YouTube 📺

🖊️ Mentioned in the show:

📕 Chapters:

(00:00:00) - Intro

(00:04:00)  - Favorite Challenger Brand? 🥊

(00:11:00) - The NASCAR Brand and Business 🏢

(00:18:01) - The Changing Nature of the Sports Category 🏑

(00:22:20) - Approach and Priorities as the CMO of NASCAR

(00:26:30 ) - Approach to New and Emerging Channels 📈

(00:32:00) - In-house and External Structure for NASCAR

(00:35:10) - Exciting Developments for NASCAR - Full Speed 🚗

(00:42:35 ) -  Lightning Round ⚡

(00:42:40) - First Marketing Job you ever had 💼

(00:42:55) - The Best Piece of career advice 🌟

(00:43:39) - Best Brand Campaign 

(00:44:20) - Best Marketing Tool 🛠️

(00:44:50) - One thing people should do differently 🔄

(00:45:20) - Favourite moment from  NASCAR’s Netflix show

Scratch is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that develops strategies and capabilities that help businesses grow faster. Scratch is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, and he’s joined by Peter Jung of NASCAR in this episode. Past guests include CMOs from Mastercard, GE, Shell, Hyperloop, Adobe, PepsiCo, and Papa Johns.

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