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Generative AI: Do Androids Dream of Electric Timesheets?

🤖⚡️ While consumers see potential and opportunity, Marketers wrestle with the double edge sword of Artificial Intelligence. 🤖⚡️

Our latest Rival Spark research report focuses on #generativeAI and how consumers and marketers feel about it - from their biggest worries, to what tools they've actually used. We saw positivity in marketers and consumers, but very different experiences in using it.

While AI just means #chatgpt for consumers, it means much more for marketers experimenting with what the technology means for their industry.

We found that all AI content isn't the same, with consumers and marketers much more ready to accept less emotional or evocative content from AI, versus financial recommendations or online advertising.

Finally, we found the fear of fake content and privacy abuse is real, with both audiences most worried about how AI generated fakes will affect their brands and society.

A preview of our full report is below, with the detailed report available here:

Let us know what you think when it comes to #artificialintelligence and creativity.

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