How challengers build a laboratory culture in their marketing department

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In just a short amount of time, we went from phone book ads and infomercials to TikTok ads and influencer campaigns.

We know. Change is hard. Especially if you’re a veteran of the marketing world. But without change, we cannot grow. If we resist riding the new waves, we’ll get left behind on the shore.

The shift from traditional marketing to modern marketing is a powerful one full of exciting innovation and new opportunities for you and your team.

Traditional marketing functions in an ‘art gallery’ environment. Traditional marketers spend their time, effort, and budget trying to paint a masterpiece –– the perfect creative vision executed beautifully through flawless content and experiences.

Traditional marketers invest in big budgets, fancy agencies, and spend months trying to create that perfect brand or message.

Modern marketing functions work in a ‘laboratory‘ environment. It’s all about innovation. Modern marketers treat each campaign and opportunity as an experiment –– a chance to test a hypothesis and learn something from everything they do.

Their ads and content are more organic and native to the digital marketing platforms, as their photos and videos might be shot on a smartphone, their writing conversational, and their graphics simple.

Some brands and some campaigns need that art gallery approach. But most don’t.

Build a laboratory for your digital marketing team to work in –– give them the tools, permission, and encouragement to test and learn every day. Grant them the creative freedom that inspired them to enter the digital marketing field. Encourage them to form hypotheses, test them, and use their findings to pursue innovation.

Create a culture of challengers, and you’ll create an organization that challenges the status quo.

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