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How to Get Marketing a Bigger Seat at the Table with Allison MacLeod CMO of Flywire

Welcome to another episode of Scratch! In this week's episode Eric Fulwiler is joined by Allison MacLeod, Chief Marketing Officer of Flywire. Flywire is a global payments enablement and software company, on a mission to deliver the world’s most important and complex payments. Flywire has over 2700 clients, supports more than 140 currencies, serves more than 240 countries and territories and employs more than 750 people.

Allison MacLeod, joined Flywire as the EVP of global Marketing at Flywire, since March 2021 she became the Chief Marketing Officer. Allison is passionate about building and empowering teams and finding the best talent in the industry.

At Money2020 Vegas, we talked all about the role of marketing within Flywire, and how you best build a strong marketing team. We touched on what the role of the CMO will look like going forward. How has it changed, and how you get CEOs to really understand the role of the marketer?

This is a fascinating conversation, tune in!

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