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How to Go from Cautious to Confident with Web3 (Part 1), A Case Study from the Largest Neobank in the World, and How to Get Ahead of Gender-Neutral Marketing

🤔 When you read the word “NFT” or “Web 3”, how does that make you feel as marketer? Nervous, anxious, iffy? Or excited, motivated, and confident? This week’s deep dive is meant to nudge you along your journey from the former to the latter.

And it is a journey. Nothing new comes easy to us humans. But we’ve all been here before. New technology and new trends might be new in what they are, but not in how they develop and how we need to adapt and take advantage of them. History repeats itself – we’ve all been here before. YOU’VE been here before. Before NFTs there was “this Facebook thing”. Before Facebook there was email. Before Web 3 there was Web 2. You don’t need to look beyond your own experience to find the answers of how to navigate new blue oceans as they open up.

We have two sets of recommendations for you. The first is on how to learn this new world, which will be this week’s Deep Dive. The second is what to start doing in it, which will be a Part 2 in next week’s Zag.

Learning anything is about motivation for change and discipline in execution. There’s nothing all that special about most of the people who seem to be ahead of you Web3. They just believe in the importance of it more and have put more time into doing something about it.

Ask yourself two questions:

  • Do you believe Web3 will be important to your job in 5 years?
  • Do you believe you’ll still need a job in 5 years?

Your answer to the first should be yes. Your answer the second is up to you (but likely still yes). Which means, learning this stuff is critical to your career. Hopefully that realization generates the motivation you need to make this a priority, but if not, find your own way to get motivated. Without motivation there is no hope for change.

Discipline in execution comes from doing something rather than nothing. That’s it really – at least in the beginning. You need to spend more than zero minutes this week learning about NFTs and/or Web3. Start small and let the habit develop until doing something becomes the default instead of doing nothing. Even 5 minutes a week is a fine place to start. It just needs to not be 0 minutes.

If you accomplish those two things this week (finding your motivation and spending not zero minutes learning about NFTs/Web3), you’ve made big progress.

Here’s an easy hack: stop reading this email and go block 15 minutes in your calendar for later this week for “NFT/Web3 Learning”. Seriously, go do it. And ideally make it recurring.

The biggest lost opportunities for your business and career come from not doing something when you know you should. You know you should do something about this whole NFT/Web3 thing. Don’t leave this email without making a commitment to doing more than nothing this week and next week.

Here are a few resources to start dipping into with your 15 mins this week and next.

Part 2 on NFTs and Web3 next week will dive into what you should (and shouldn’t) do as a marketer in this new world.

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