How to Use AI to Disrupt the $50Bn Perfume Category with Noteworthy Scents

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In this insightful episode, Ashley Boyce, CMO and co-founder of Noteworthy, takes us through their journey of building a perfume brand that dares to be different in the competitive $48bn fragrance category.  Noteworthy is a challenger brand that’s empowering consumers to discover their unique signature scent using AI, moving beyond the traditional designer and celebrity endorsements.  In the episode, Ashley discusses the importance of creating products that not only meet a tangible need but also carry a deeper meaning for consumers, similar to Dove's approach to female empowerment. She covers the role of storytelling in altering fixed consumer behaviors and the impact of platforms like TikTok in creating ‘ever-green content’.  With over 14 years of experience at Unilever, she talks us through the differences in challenges & opportunities for challenger v/s incumbent brands.  

In the second half of the episode, she talks about the brand's commitment to leveraging customer insights and how the DTC model allows for a more personal and interactive shopping experience. If you’re looking for insights on building something that’s different & stands out, tune in to this episode. We’re sure you’ll find something that you can take away & apply. 🚀🛍️

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Scratch is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that develops strategies and capabilities that help businesses grow faster. Scratch is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, and he’s joined by Ashley Boyce of Noteworthy in this episode. Past guests include CMOs from Mastercard, GE, Shell, Hyperloop, Adobe, PepsiCo, and Papa Johns.

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