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How to Win in the New “Experience” Era with Adobe's Executive Creative Director, Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is the Executive Creative Director Adobe, and with 26 years of experience in the creative industry he's seen many new "eras" of marketing come and go. In this episode  we discuss what mindset you need to succeed in the "experience" era, why the next-gen CEO will be a creative, and why he's pushing to have more creative people making business-critical decisions.

Aside from leading Adobe's creative efforts, Adam is the author of ‘Sorry Spock, Emotions Drive Business: Proving the value of creative ideas with science, and is the host of the Real Creative Leadership Podcast

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Discussed in the show:

Adam Morgan - Sorry Spock Emotions Drive Business (Book)

Simon Sinek - Infinite Game (Book)

Chip Heath & Dan Heath -Power of moments

Real Creative Leadership Podcast

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