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Marketing Q&A: Are TV Ads the Next Big Thing? Addressing Skill Gaps and Building Brand as a Start-up

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Join the hosts of Punchy as they bring you an engaging discussion on the latest trends and challenges in the marketing industry. This episode features special guest Joe Glover, co-founder of the Marketing Meetup, who shares his insights and expertise.

This episode delves into various aspects of marketing, shedding light on important industry topics. The panel answers multiple marketing questions submitted by the community. They emphasize the confidence gap rather than a specific skill gap in marketing professionals and highlight the need for marketers to believe in their work. The discussion also showcases the effectiveness of TV advertising for CPG brands, challenging the notion that it is an outdated strategy.  Furthermore, the team  provide valuable insights on balancing short-term growth and long-term brand building in startups, highlighting  the symbiotic relationship between the two. The episode concludes with a reflection on marketing's ethical responsibility and the power of intention in marketing endeavours.

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(01:08) Intro

(02:07) What’s the biggest skill gap in marketing currently, will AI be able to bridge any of these?

(10:11)  Is using TV ads for CPG Brands an outdated strategy in 2023?

(15:40) In the early stages of a startup, how do you balance the need for short-term growth and customer acquisition with long-term brand building and customer retention? What strategies do you employ to achieve both objectives simultaneously?

(22:00) Rants & Raves

Punchy is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that develops strategies and capabilities that help businesses grow faster. Punchy is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, who's often joined by his Rival Co-Founders Jenna Cummings and DuBose Cole.

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