Marketing Q&A: Building Personal Brand, Chasing Trends, & the Google Scandal

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Join the hosts of Punchy as they bring you an engaging discussion on the latest trends and challenges in the marketing industry. This episode features special guest Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing @ SparkToro, who shares her insights and expertise on questions submitted by our audience. We kick off with most important question of them all - Is a hotdog really a sandwich?

From personal branding to carbon emissions in marketing, the panel addresses real-world challenges faced by marketers. They also delve into the Google scandal and successful festival sponsorships. With a focus on the importance of staying informed and avoiding trend-chasing, this episode provides valuable insights to help marketers stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.

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(01:41) Intro - Amanda Natividad

(04:20) Q1- What challenges and opportunities do marketers face in measuring and reporting the environmental impact of media campaigns, and how can a standardized framework for measuring carbon emissions help drive industry-wide progress?

(12:00) Q2- We’re entering an era where B2B brands are building their own creator networks/media businesses by “buying” Creators (see Hubspot ) Working with content creators requires a balance between brand guidelines and allowing flexibility for co-creation. How can brands establish clear playbooks and guidelines while still giving creators the freedom to produce authentic content that resonates with their audience?

(19:15) - Q3 - As a mid-senior level marketer, should I be trying to build my personal brand right now? I'm worried that if I don’t start a newsletter or share “thought leadership” on Linkedin, I won’t be able to compete in 10 years. Thoughts? 

(24:20) Rants & Raves

"Punchy" is a production of Rival, a marketing consultancy and technology company that builds challenger brands, strategies, and capabilities to change categories. Punchy is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, who's often joined by his Rival Co-Founders Jenna Cummings and DuBose Cole. 

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