Marketing Q&A: Content ROI, Ad Transparency, & Fintech Challenges for 2023

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Join the hosts of Punchy as they bring you an engaging discussion on the latest trends and challenges in the marketing industry. This episode features special guest Colton Pond, VP & Head of Marketing at Truv, who shares his insights and expertise on questions submitted by our audience.

From co-owning key marketing metrics and showcasing value-add in uncertain times, to enhancing transparency and accountability in programmatic advertising, the panel addresses real-world challenges faced by marketers. They also delve into the biggest marketing challenges for early-stage fintech organizations in 2023 and the implications for marketers.

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  • (02:19) - Q1: With the uncertainties of the future economy and the need to demonstrate content ROI, how can marketers effectively co-own key marketing metrics with other functions and showcase their value-add to management? 
  • (09:10) - Q2:  The recent report by Newsguard suggests that programmatic advertising dollars could be more effectively utilized if they were not allocated to unreliable AI-generated sites. How can marketers enhance transparency and accountability in programmatic advertising to prevent funds from being wasted on platforms that lack human oversight and produce erroneous content?
  • (18:35) - Q3:  What are the biggest marketing challenges that you believe face early stage fintech organizations in 2023, and why?
  • (26:00) - Rants & Raves

"Punchy" is a production of Rival, a marketing consultancy and technology company that builds challenger brands, strategies, and capabilities to change categories. Punchy is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, who's often joined by his Rival Co-Founders Jenna Cummings and DuBose Cole. 

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