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Punchy Mailbox Q&A: What does AI mean for marketers and what is the value of long term loyalty to a brand?

Get ready for some marketing insights in the latest episode of Punchy! This week, the Rival team tackles a range of fan-submitted questions, covering everything from the future of AI in SEO, to the ideal budget for your branding strategy. They also share tips on what to consider when hiring a marketing agency as a startup, and even tackle a popular hypothetical scenario (Balenciaga’s Bondage Bears). This episode is packed with valuable advice, insights,  and plenty of laughs – don't miss out! 

(00:00)  Teaser

(00:24)  Intro

(01:22)  Q1- What does conversational AI mean for marketers/Is Google & SEO dead?

(04:32)  Q2- Will AI displace marketing jobs?

(06:19)  Q3 - How much of your marketing budget should you allocate to branding?

(11:24)  Q4 - What is the value of long term loyalty to a brand?

(13:38)  Q5 - What should a marketer look for in an agency if it's a startup and there are budget constraints?

(16:01)  Q6 - If you were CMO of Balenciaga, how would you navigate yourself out of the recent “bondage-bears” scandal?

Tune in, we had a lot of fun recording this one!

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Punchy is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that develops strategies and capabilities to help businesses grow faster. Punchy is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, who's often joined by his Rival Co-Founders Jenna Cummings and DuBose Cole. 

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