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Reinventing the $50B Radio Industry for the Digital Age with Richard Stern, CEO of Tunein

In this episode, Eric invites Richard Stern, the CEO of TuneIn, to discuss how TuneIn is revolutionizing the radio industry through digital transformation. TuneIn is a challenger brand with a mission to disrupt traditional radio broadcasting, allowing listeners to tune in to shows from anywhere in the world without being restricted by geographical limitations.

With 75 million monthly active users, TuneIn has become one of the most widely used streaming audio platforms globally. Richard highlights the importance of offering a better user experience to encourage adoption, using examples from industries like Uber, Casper, and Apple to illustrate how disruption can lead to innovation. He emphasizes that a great product should serve as its own marketing, providing an exceptional user experience that attracts and retains customers.

During the podcast, Eric and Richard also discuss the marketing challenges faced by traditional radio broadcasting, the role of brand in the connected home, and the value of companionship provided by radio listening. Tune in to this insightful conversation that highlights TuneIn's mission and the future of radio in the digital realm.

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"Scratch" is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that helps businesses grow faster by developing effective strategies and capabilities.

Every week, Eric interviews the CMO of a challenger brand, exploring their innovative marketing strategies that challenge established incumbents. Immerse yourself in the world of challenger brands and learn valuable marketing lessons from industry experts, as you discover their secrets to success.

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(00:00) Rival AMP Community

(5:23) What is one challenger brand that you’re passionate about right now?

(9:35) Does Tesla actually do marketing?

(14:00) Mattress wars

(23:55) Home of Storytelling - Audible

(24:05) What problem are challenger brands trying to solve

(27:00) Being customer-centric the way Amazon is

(28:10) Early days of Uber

(31:55) What is the mission for Tune in

(36:55) "People don’t change for more good, they only change for much better"

(45:00) One thing people should do differently after listening to this episode

Scratch is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, and in this episode,  he’s joined by Richard Stern, the CEO of TuneIn. 

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