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Replicating Lightning in a Bottle Moments and Explosive Growth with Kate McCutchen, CMO Republic Retail

In this week's episode, we are joined by Kate McCutchen, the CMO of Seedrs  and Global Head of Marketing for Republic Retail. As Republic looks to revolutionise the way ordinary individuals can invest in the best startups and VC funds, Kate is leading the charge with their marketing. Drawing on over 15 years of experience at Apple, Samsung, Amazon Fresh, Square and Away, she has a wealth of insight and experience in what it takes to grow a business in a new market and capture lightning in a bottle, at scale. It was such a masterclass for marketers who are trying to deliver growth at a global level.

Amongst other things, we discussed:

  • Why she thinks paint brands like Coat are incredible challengers in a redundant space
  • How to launch businesses like Square, Amazon Fresh and Republic into new markets successfully  
  • The one mindset modern marketers need to have in order to capture the viral moments

Mentioned in the show:

💻 Republic website

🎨Coat paints

🍺Union DC website

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