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Rival Spark: Super Bowl Post Game; Part 1

Our latest RivalSpark is a two part research piece on Super Bowl ads  effectiveness, starting with the survey data below from the day after the Big Game & complimented by a second piece of research 30 days from now, which will look at any long term impact on #SuperBowl brands.

See a complete set of insights we found by viewing the full Rival Spark report HERE

But by way of a quick overview:

👉Our initial findings show that next day unprompted recall favours brands such as @pepsi, @Doritos, @budweiserusa and @dunkindonuts. These look to have translated broad appeal, a clear product story & celebrity into memorable moments, with some supported by multiple ads.

Chart showing Next Day Unprompted Awareness Favours Known Brands

👉Going into prompted measures, we see brand size and familiarity has a real impact on maintaining a link between unprompted and prompted recall, with @pepsi,

@doritos and others holding performance while @popcorners and @BlueMoonBrewCo decline.

🚨See a complete set of insights we found by viewing the full Rival Spark report HERE

Check back in 25 days when we do our 30 day followup survey, to see if any brands have managed to establish staying power post SuperBowl. Additionally we'll be using Rival Curo to monitor share of search, search themes & retail uplift to give a long term picture of the game's ads.

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