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Rival Spark: Super Bowl Post Game; Part 2

So how effective is a Super Bowl Ad? It's not something you think about in April, but maybe you should.

Following on from our Super Bowl Post Game report Part 1 where we explored the brand recall 24 hrs after the big game, we're now looking at the impact 30 days later.

The effect of advertising isn't always obvious right away, so we created our new Rival Spark to identify who actually won the 2023 Super Bowl. Not just what ads people talked about the next day, but what brands and ads had staying power. PepsiCo (Pepsi Zero Sugar and Doritos) and Temu show two sides of how brands can succeed at big game advertising.

From large brands trying to parlay scale or previous game heritage into a bully pulpit to smaller brands trying to make an impact, we've used Attest Surveys 24 hours & 30 days later, as well as our own Rival Curo to look at the field and see who came out on top.We found that double jeopardy doesn't just exist in Super Bowl ads, it limits what challenger brands can do, keeping new brands to making a short and sharp impact vs. becoming a memorable presence.Looking back on whats ads caught industry attention and discussion back in February (Tubi and others), we saw that what the industry liked, and even what consumers loved the next day, isn't necessarily what stuck around.Check out the data here .#effectiveness#data#superbowl2023#brands

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