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Super Bowl Special - The Bold, The Boring & The Down Right Effective

Now the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to discuss the main event for us marketers: The Ads. This week, Whitney Holtzman, NFL agent and superstar sports marketer  joined us to discuss everything we loved, liked and loathed about the Super Bowl Ads this year. We actually got into the weeds of Super Bowl ads and sports marketing in general and discussed if the ads are worth it, how viewers actually respond and how to market at the superbowl if you don’t want to spend $7m.

Oh, and we also “kicked off” our latest Rival Spark which is a 2-part research piece on SuperBowl ads  effectiveness, starting with the survey data from the day after the Big Game & complimented by a second piece of research 30 days from now, which will look at any long term impact on #SuperBowl brands.


🚨👉Check out the Rival Spark report HERE👈🚨

👀Ads Discussed:

Remy Martin




Uber One

T Mobile  




Sam Adam

GM Netflix

Pop corners

Fenty wins the superbowl

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