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TikTok's Ticking Clock, SVB's Impact on Marketing, and Caden's "Zero-Party" Data Monetization: Game-changer or Fluff?

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In this episode, Eric, Jenna & Dubose delve into the latest marketing news and trends, offering valuable insights and analysis for marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve. The panel discusses the potential TikTok ban in the US and the impact it could have on the industry, with marketers preparing contingency plans and exploring alternative platforms. They also examine the implications of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse on marketing, including the potential impact on early-stage martech and ad-tech startups.

In addition, the panel discusses the launch of a new app that allows users to exchange personal data for money, highlighting the business model of ‘zero-party’ data collection and the challenges and opportunities it presents for marketers. Explore the ever-changing world of marketing with the Rival team as they discuss the latest news and trends, offering insights and analysis that highlight both opportunities and fears for marketers.

(00:00) Intro

(01:00) Story 1 - Tiktok Ban in USA cause uncertainty for Marketers

(05:33) BBC to continue using Tiktok for marketing

(07:37) Story 2 - Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse - How does it affect Marketing?

(09:09) How do we manage our spend?

(12:09) Will Martech startups suffer?

(15:00) Story 3 - New app allows users to exchange data for money

(18:05) Being in control of your data

(20:40) Rants & Raves

Stories mentioned:

1- U.S. marketers prepare contingency plans amid potential TikTok ban

2- How Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse could compound a marketing slowdown

3- New app launches through Apple hoping to win with ‘zero-party data’ when others haven’t

Punchy is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that develops strategies and capabilities to help businesses grow faster. Punchy is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, who's  joined by his Rival Co-Founders Jenna Cummings and DuBose Cole. 

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