Zag Ep. 55 - Corteiz Makes its Marketing Return and The De-Influencers Are Coming For Your Brand

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Above the Line

📆This week, P&G announced they are going to be more “productive” with their marketing (We’re unsure what that means), De-influencers are crushing brands, and the idea of being "radically transparent" seems to be the emerging theme when it comes to marketing.

⚡What else is in this edition of Zag?

  • Corteiz makes its marketing return with a Nike collab👟
  • How an Auto body shop is going viral on TikTok 📱
  • Learn the marketing strategies from one of the fastest growing e-comm brands in North America 🗽

📈Trend to Watch👀

👯DeInfluencers are taking over

  • 📜The Story: The rise of the De-influencer telling you what not to buy is upon us; of course, it’s driven by TikTok. Recently, major beauty brands like Dior and Charlotte Tilbury have become the target of influencers who claim their products are not all they're cracked up to be and not worth the premium price tag.  
  • 😨The Fear: Big brands (especially beauty brands) that have got by with spending $$$ on influencers to promote lousy products are shaking in their boots. The influencer model is tried and tested, and negative reviews have a dramatic impact on brands especially in the beauty segment.
  • 🤔The Opportunity: Trust between influencers and their audience has been degrading over the past few years, so much so that this feels like natural evolution for the segment. In some ways, it’s a full circle moment since many of the biggest influencers started off by sharing their unbiased and useful reviews of products, but like any good thing, traditional marketing ruined it. There is a real opportunity however for influencers who truly care about their audience and have an acute understanding of what their customer wants to build a really loyal audience. However, it may mean they have to draw a line in the sand and turn down some of the big brands with terrible products that would be willing to pay the hefty prices which turns a hobbyist reviewer into a full time influencer. Long term this also forces the brands to create products that actually do what they say on the tin - surely that’s a good thing right?
  • Read the full story here

Brand To Study📕

💥Corteiz is back with a bang

🗺️ What they did: Corteiz is a true Rival brand, and we’ve mentioned them in previous ZAGS for their incredible ability to drive insane hype for their drops by throwing out every rule in the marketing playbook. In January, they announced a collaboration with Nike, and last weekend, the founder tweeted out cryptic coordinates of how and where to get your hands on these.

The activation? A crossbar challenge. You hit the crossbar and you win a pair of Nike x Corteiz.

Unsurprisingly, it broke the streetwear corners of the internet and there were some surprisingly wholesome pieces of social content that came out of the day

They have however, taken a step outside of the guerilla marketing they are known for by launching a star studded video campaign. Watch. It’s a great campaign and signals a real elevation of brand equity, but as we’ve seen before with Supreme, when streetwear brands start to reach scale and follow the “standard” marketing playbook, the “cool kids” are no longer interested… That being said, their core customer base is still loving this ad.

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