Engineer (Data/Martech), Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa
Rival is looking for an Engineer to join our Cape Town-based team and lead our implementation work on customer data and martech. 

Rival has important strategic partnerships with several global marketing technology providers including Braze, mParticle, Salesforce, and others. We’re eager to expand our strategic capabilities with these partners through implementation and management for our clients. 

As an Engineer for our Data/Martech practice, you will play a key role in the development and delivery of our marketing technology and data solutions, from the implementation of tools like CDPs through to the development of custom algorithms, effectiveness measurement, budget modeling, reporting solutions, and other automation. You will serve as the primary engineering lead for our work on this front, both in South Africa and globally. 

  • Our Engineer will lead the day-to-day implementation work for customer martech projects as well as assist in the development of our internal capabilities and tools for the delivery of paid media and analytics solutions
  • This role will support our Data/Martech practice globally, including our key client in South Africa 
  • Your initial project will primarily be focused on integrating new CDP and martech solutions to existing and greenfield data/tech ecosystems 
  • You will work closely with the day-to-day project lead on our key client in South Africa, as well as working with our London-based Managing Partner for Media & Analytics and our Madrid-based Head of Product
  • You will play a key role in all martech projects from ideation, implementation, testing, release, and ongoing maintenance 
  • Understand stakeholder needs both on the Rival side as well as our clients’ requirements, and provide solutions that both advance our company strategy and solve problems
  • Help foster sustainable, scalable development practices as this team expands globally
  • You will also support new business development, partnerships with martech platforms, and new proposition development in this space 
  • You will be joining the Rival at an exciting time - we are two years in, growing quickly, and have big plans for the next few years!
  • We have a global client portfolio - you’ll get a truly global perspective and be exposed to brands and projects in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia
  • We are a small (but mighty!) team of about 20, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn and work on a wide variety of projects - strategy, paid media, creative, data/martech, and our own product development  
  • This role holds a ton of potential for the right person, as you’ll be working closely with the founding team shaping the future of our business
We'd like to hear from you if…

We do not require a minimum years of experience,  but you do need to have experience working with: 

  • Advanced Programming Knowledge: You should have a grasp of data structures and algorithms, and familiarity with system design principles.
  • Proficiency in Programming Languages: Experience with Python and JavaScript is essential, but more importantly, you should understand the underlying mechanics of how languages work, such as memory management, type systems, and concurrency models.
  • Database and Data Handling Skills: You should be proficient in SQL and have experience with database technologies like BigQuery. Your ability to design and optimize queries and understand database architecture is crucial.
  • Software Development Practices: You must be experienced in developing robust, clean, and maintainable code. This includes a strong grasp of software engineering principles, version control systems (e.g., Git), and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows.
  • API Integration and Development: Beyond just using APIs, you should understand how to design and implement them. Knowledge of APIs like Google Ads, Facebook/Meta Ads, Amazon, and others are essential.
  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving: We value candidates who can think critically about complex problems, propose solutions that are both innovative and practical, and have a track record of implementing these solutions effectively
  • Experience working as part of a marketing tech or data engineering team
  • Strong organizational skills along with the demonstrated ability to work to a deadline
  • A start up mentality and personality: you're mission driven and not afraid to get stuck in
  • Willingness to travel for client engagements as needed and for company retreats once a year 
  • No university degree required - we value your experience and skills
We would be particularly excited if... 
  • You have experience in an early stage start-up and/or a marketing agency/consultancy
  • Experience working with marketing tools like Google Tag Manager, CDP, CRM, Looker studio or other visualisation tools
  • You’ve previously worked on or contributed to open-source projects relevant to marketing technology or data, including MMMs, pLTV, et al. 
  • Experience working with merchant product feeds, as on Shopify, Google, Amazon and others 
  • Our compensation philosophy is to “mid-market base, top-market upside”. As a start-up we can’t compete with big agency/consultancy salaries, but we offer everyone the opportunity to share in the upside of what we’re building together. 
  • There are three components to our compensation package
    • Base Salary - market average for marketing consultancy/agency
    • Profit Share - eligibility for a profit share distribution twice a year (after one year of employment) based on company and individual performance
    • Employee Liquidity Plan -  eligibility for our “shadow stock” plan (after one year of employment)
  • 28-days vacation days for South African employees + public holidays
    • 21 discretionary vacation days
    • 7 company ‘recharge days’ during the year - these are mandatory days that everyone takes off to relax and focus on family, friends and ourselves.
  • Profit Share and Rival Employee Liquidity Plan (ELP)
    • ELP aka “shadow stock” has all the financial benefits of options, but without the cost to exercise and tax implications
  • Office-first but flexible working environment
    • Everyone must be in the office one day a week (currently Tuesdays), and it’s strongly encouraged to be in the office 1-2 additional days. Most people in hub offices (London, Boston, Cape Town) are in 2-3 days a week. 
  • The equipment and technology you need to be successful, plus additional support if you need to enhance your work from home set-up
  • Quarterly ‘Team Weeks’
    • Where “hubs” come together to focus on planning, team building, and professional development 
  • Annual ‘Rival Retreat’
  • All-expense paid trip once a year for team building and fun!
  • Various surprise and delights & Rival events throughout the year.
About Rival

Rival is an integrated marketing consultancy that builds challenger brands, strategies, and capabilities to change categories. 

We exist to understand what drives the growth of successful challenger brands and enable any business to become one. We combine the brains of a management consulting firm with the executional capabilities of an agency and the technology of a software company to develop the insights and ideas that drive challenger growth. 

We work with start-ups to help them scale and incumbents to help them innovate across four main areas of the marketing function: brand & GTM, creative & production, paid media, and data & technology. Our passion is working hard but having fun with ambitious partners who want to challenge the status quo, just like we do. 

Our Hiring Ethos

We want to build a home for the world’s best marketing talent while advancing diversity in our industry. Hiring is the most important thing we do at Rival. Finding and attracting the best talent in the industry is key to our long-term success and day-to-day happiness, but it’s also the most direct way we can have an impact on driving positive change in our industry and for our clients. 

Our goal is to deliver a best-in-class interview experience for candidates:

  • Upfront alignment on what good looks like 
  • We compensate candidates time for any interview that requires a task
  • Timely, respectful communication 
  • Opportunity for all candidates to provide feedback 
  • All employees undergo unconscious bias training
  • Global Equality Collective membership to upskill ourselves in all aspects of hiring
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Rival, we're invested in a thoughtful, long-term hiring approach that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We care about creating a global community with a combined mission, but not at the expense of losing individual identity, which is critical to our innovation. It’s essential that we bring our authentic self to work every day, no matter our age, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, neurodiversity, or otherwise.

We listen to our employees, take direction and are taking continual action to better ourselves in this mission. Inclusion isn't just an initiative at Rival. We strive to embed it into all aspects of our business model and how we operate.

B Corp

Rival is proud to have gained B Corp Certification in 2023, we joined a fleet of B Corp businesses around the world who all have the same goal, driving global social and environmental change. We aim to set a new standard for corporate social responsibility in our industry. We believe we have a responsibility to not just do well for ourselves and our clients, but do good for others and the world at large. We don’t believe we can change the world on our own. But we do believe we can make a meaningful difference in this industry and set a meaningful example for others to follow.

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