Blending Brand & Performance in DTC with Bryant Garvin of Ozlo Sleep, Purple Mattress

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In this episode, we are joined by  Bryant Garvin, Head of Marketing & Growth 📈 at Ozlo Sleep. Bryan offers a fresh perspective on the age-old debate between brand building and performance marketing. He introduces ‘performance branding’ - an approach that focuses on building brand awareness through emotionally resonant & entertaining content, while strictly measuring & optimizing for performance metrics. This simple strategy has been key 🔑to the success of brands like Ozlo, and Purple, where he previously worked.

When you want marketing to be ‘successful’, you need to have some foundations in place. Bryan emphasizes starting with a strong, differentiated product as the core foundation for successful marketing, as a great product enables authentic word-of-mouth, customer advocacy, and a genuine brand story to tell. Additionally, he discusses the importance of creative partnership. A creative partnership means that a) you are working closely with creative partners who understand performance goals, b)  you have a structured process for developing creative content, and c) you continually testing different variations to drive business results. After all, we are all spending real dollars on all the ‘brand stuff’ 💰.  This episode is packed with valuable insights into building culturally relevant brands while driving measurable growth.

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Scratch is a production of Rival, a marketing innovation consultancy that develops strategies and capabilities that help businesses grow faster. Scratch is hosted by Eric Fulwiler, and he’s joined by Bryant Garvin of Ozlo Sleep in this episode. Past guests include CMOs from Mastercard, GE, Shell, Hyperloop, Adobe, PepsiCo, and Papa Johns.

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