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The Causes People Care About Aren't Purely Rational, So the Way Brands Approach Them Must Consider the Consumer Emotions in #BrandPurpose.

Our latest fourth wave of #RivalSpark Brand Purpose research, using Attest, looks at how consumers are feeling about a variety of causes, alongside their levels of engagement, what they expect from brands and how purpose continuously stacks up against price in shopping decisions.

Some of our key findings:

👨‍🔧 👩‍🔧 Charity is An Identity, More Than a Rational Decision: Regardless of economic conditions or worry, consumers still say they regularly donate or volunteer. Brands that can identify novel ways to support this aspect of consumer identity can build equity with consumers.

🌍 Shared Purpose Never Existed For Brands, Increasingly It Never Will: Consumers expect brands to engage more heavily on every cause aside from political ones. While consumers vary in their own engagement with different types of causes (e.g. environment, society, etc.), there is a defined and growing gap between what they expect brands to do and what they themselves will offer. Brands shouldn't plan for shared purpose, they should always plan to lead and then engage on cause related activity.

🤫 Youth & the Increasing Tide of Issues Pulling Them Away: The idea of charity engagement being strongest with the young is wrong. 25-34s are most purpose engaged, while 18-24s are showing weakening issue engagement and charitable intent - potentially due to a tide of issues that can dampen anyones confidence or will to address them.

❤️ Age Changes Emotions Towards Issues Significantly: We feel differently about different issues at different ages. 18-24s feel more strongly about social issues than environment. 45+ fear more social issues around migration. Positive and negative emotions both drive brand purpose and issue engagement, but negative emotions are more short lived in their impact.

Marketing Research on Brand Purpose & Emotion

Find out more about our findings amove in our report or here ( and let us know what you think in the comments.

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